After completing college, Samantha worked as a manager for several retailers in New York City and New Jersey.  These companies included Abraham and Straus of Federated Department Stores, Victoria
Secrets, and Fred The Furrier.  One of Samatha's most inspiring jobs was being a buyer for the Van Buren Carr buying offices in New York City, N.Y.  In this position she was a fashion buyer for the "Nordstrom's
Brass Plum Junior Department".  After working and gaining a valuable experience in the fashion industry, Samantha launched a booming, successful "hosiery" business in New Jersey and New York City.  The
business was called Unlimited Hosiery.  Her major target market was hosiery for the full figured woman and hard-to-find shades for the African American woman.  Later, Samantha expanded her business to
Northern California where she partnered with her mom, Delores Ashley and they operated 3 stores in Sacramento.  They named the business Unlimited Fashion.  They also gained a huge following of customers
from the Bay Area because of their unique fashionable clothing.  One of their greatest accomplished was opening a store in the Florin Mall in Sacramento.  Unlimited Fashion was a extremely successful even
though they competed with several multi-million dollar department stores.

While in California, Unlimited Fashion produced upscale fashion shows.  She always included gospel music and scholarships in her events and named her shows Gospel/Fashion Show Scholarship Fund Raiser.  
Unlimited Fashion gave a portion of the proceeds from the events to students in college for scholarships.  Recently at Unlimited Fashion's 8th Annual Gospel Fashion Show Scholarship Fund Raiser featured "
Mrs. Susan Taylor" from Essence Magazine from New York City as the keynote speaker and special guest.  This event was sold out and was an overwhelming success in Sacramento.  Torledo Wall, Samantha's
brother, was responsible for introducing to Mrs. Susan Taylor.

Furthermore, Unlimited Fashion was invited by The Ladies In Red (owned by Brenda Knight) to be a guest in the audience of  the "Suze Orman Show".  Unlimited Fashion learned some dynamic financial
techniques to empower the business to move to the next level.  Also, since then Unlimited Fashion has collaborated with the Suze Orman company to learn more about how to become a "financial power broker"  
in the fashion retail industry.

Last but not least, Samantha represented Unlimited Fashion on the "Oprah Winfrey Show".  This was one of her greatest successes.  Also, in attendance was her mom, Delores Ashley, and her business
associates.  This was a divine appointment to be a part of the Oprah Winfrey Show.  

Samantha's future plans for Unlimited Fashion is to design a line of clothing under her name, sell clothing and accessories on the internet, take a trip to Paris, expand her business to Atlanta and South Carolina,
and to setup a real estate investment company.

Samantha's motto in life is "to walk by faith and not by sight"  and "if it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense".
Samantha Wall-Laidler Owner and chief executive officer of
Unlimited Fashions gives God the glory for all of her accomplishments in life and
thanks to her mom, Delores Ashley, husband and a host of family members and
friends for their continued support and encouragement.  Samantha is a member of
Calvary Christian Center and her pastor is Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux who has inspired
her with faith based inspirational teaching.  Also, Samantha  is a member of various
non-profit organizations that provide free services for low-income families, children,
and homeless families.  Samantha is also a member of several business

Samantha originally from Newark, New Jersey.  She graduated from Hampton
University in Hampton, VA and there she attained a B.S.  degree in business and
fashion merchandising.  She also attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in
New York City, N.Y.  And she was a graduate of the Faith Alive Bible Center in
Sacramento, CA.
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